Exploring the Lost City of Petra with Kids

The Monastery, Petra

Is there anyone who grew up in the 80s who managed to miss Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? This classic adventure romp has to be most people’s introduction to Petra.  In the most memorable scene, desperately trying to find the Holy Grail, our eponymous hero rides through a narrow canyon at breakneck speed before bursting out in front of an imposing pillared temple cut into the walls of a cliff. The eight-year-old me was enchanted by this scene.  As soon as I found out that this was a real place and not a set made of painted polystyrene I …

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Christians and Crusaders: Along the King’s Highway, Jordan

View down to the Dead Sea from the top of Kerak Castle

Jordan may be a Muslim-majority country but you’ll find that there are large Christian communities who live peacefully here, mainly in the towns of Madaba and Al-Kerak.  Many of the Old Testament Bible stories are set in Jordan, so there are plenty of sacred sites in Jordan that Christians may want to visit on a pilgrimage.  

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Amman’s Ancient Citadel and a Not-So Relaxing Afternoon at the Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea, Jordan

Our second day in Jordan dawned slightly cooler and greyer than the first.  We had another early start, but as we’d had such a fantastic first day in Jordan we had high hopes for the day ahead.  Bleary-eyed, we hauled ourselves out of bed, keen to see as much of Amman as we could before leaving for the Dead Sea that afternoon. The husband and I were super excited about floating in the Dead Sea – it was a bucket list must-do for both of us.  However, it didn’t really turn out as we hoped…  Can you guess why? Amman’s Citadel …

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Getting Twitchy: A Day Out at Slimbridge Wetland Centre

Beautiful autumn foliage at Slimbridge

Like many families, we love getting out and about.  We try to find as many outdoor activities as we can and we especially love interacting with and learning about animals. But if you live in the UK, our chilly, damp winters can often make you reluctant to leave the warmth of home.  It can be tempting to curl up at home and hibernate until spring!  However, if you know where to look, winter can sometimes surprise you.  Wrap up warm and visit the right place and a winter day out can be (almost!) as fun as a summer day. Slimbridge …

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Visiting Jordan’s Spectacular Roman Ruins With Kids

Jerash with kids

Did you know that some of the world’s best preserved Roman ruins are not in Italy, but in Jordan?  Then you know more than I did when we went on our family trip to Jordan!   Jordan’s other ancient attractions have to live in the shadow of the mighty Petra, and so not many people have heard of them.  We spent a long but utterly fascinating day visiting some of these wonderful, but lesser-known sights. 

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Visiting Longleat Festival of Light

Lanterns at Longleat

I’ll start this post off by wishing my readers a Happy New Year for 2017.  I hope you’ve all had a wonderful festive season.  Things have been quiet lately on my blog; we had a very busy December which included a quick trip to Sweden for my sister’s wedding, not to mention all the Christmas preparations, and so  unfortunately blogging has had to wait for a bit.  I’ve got lots to write about and hopefully (kids permitting)  I’ll be able to settle down into posting on a regular basis! One of the best things we did this Christmas season was …

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5 Creative Weekend Getaway Ideas for Family in Queensland, Australia

Great Barrier Reed

Queensland, otherwise called The Sunshine State, is the California of Down Under. With its islands, beaches and swaying palms this Australian state is the perfect getaway for everyone, ranging from young couples to families with kids. The region is bustling with all sorts of activities, including urban delights, amazing landscapes, or big adventures. Still, if you’re tired of the typical ‘spend every day at the beach vacation’, here are 5 creative ways to spend a weekend in Queensland with your loved ones.   A Daytrip to One of Queensland’s Numerous Islands The Sunshine State is home to more than 30 …

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Close Encounters of the Animal Kind: The Wild Place

First sight of the lemurs basking in the sun

Earlier this summer the Cub, Bee and I joined some friends for a day out at The Wild Place, near Bristol in South-West England.  I hadn’t heard of this zoological park but was pleasantly surprised with what we discovered here.  

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Nikko: A Glimpse into the World of the Shoguns

Shoyoen garden in autumn

Just an hour or so north of Tokyo by train lies the town of Nikko, famous for its complex of centuries-old temples which showcase the best of medieval Japanese architecture.  Many of the ornate, intricately carved buildings are designated as national treasures as well as being a Unesco World Heritage site.  If you’re interested in Buddhism and Shintoism then you should definitely visit Nikko.

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